PRO Armadyl Guide
Guide Contributed By Arma Slaya
Guide Contents
I. Introduction
II. Required/Suggested Skill Levels
III. What to Wear
IV. What to Bring
V. Getting to the God Wars Dungeon
VI. Killing the Armadyl Boss
VII. Drops
VIII. Credits


Ranged is one of the most ignored combat skills. This is where it finally pays off. Armadyl God Wars is one of the toughest bosses with the greatest rewards. This guide is meant to make mediocres into pros. My guide will help you be as efficient as possible at Armadyl God Wars. To give you a taste of what you'll get this is my most recent KC ( Kill Count) with a Duo team.

Armadyl Killcount

Required/Suggested Skill Levels

You MUST finish the quest Troll Stronghold to access GWD (God Wars Dungeon). You must also have 60 Agility or 60 Strength. If this is your first time at GWD take a rope. You should have these stats:

  • 95+ Ranged
  • 85+ Magic (magic is 70% of your magic defense)
  • 70+ Prayer
  • 69+ Summoning (Take a tort+bat if 69-87 summoning, a tort+unicorn if 88-95 summoning, and a yak+unicorn if 96+ summoning.)

What to Wear

Since this is for pro, I recommend using at least one piece of armadyl armor (not a helm), and a dragonfire shield. Note if you want to bring worse gear, you will probably have to get rid of a few restores and add a few brews. This is the gear that I take-
Armadyl Killcount
Helm: Verac, Armadyl, or Neitiznot
Amulet: Amulet of Fury
Body: Armadyl, Karil's
Legs: Armadyl, Karil's
Weapon: Rune Crossbow, Enhanced Excalibur (very efficient gives defense and 20 hp every special bar)
Shield: Divine/Elysian>Spectral>Dragonfire shield> Blessed spirit shield (Divine is better for solo/duo, while elysian is better for trio/four man)
Boots: Ranger>Infinity>Snakeskin
Gloves: Zamorak Vambraces
Cape: Ava's Accumulator
Ring: Archer's>Seers'> (I recommend you don't take Ring of Life because if you get Rol'd you'll be pretty mad.)
Bolts: Diamond (e) and Ruby (e) You can also take Broad bolts or Mith bolts for the kill count and to use on minions. (Don't forget your Mith Grapple.)

Getting to the God Wars Dungeon

This is the fastest way to get to GWD. Requires Eadgar's Ruse quest. Bank 2 brews or restores and put 4 fire runes and 4 law runes in their place. Also, equip a charged Glory. Teleport to Trollheim, drop 2 brews or restores and use your Glory to teleport to Edgeville. Then get out your Fury and bank the Glory. Then take out 3 brews or restores(according to whichever you dropped earlier), teleport to Trollheim and pick up the brews or restores you dropped earlier. Then, follow the map to go into GWD. Afterwards, go south to the Armadyl area and get your 40 kill count. To walk there, follow the map (you need Climbing boots).

Getting to the GWD - click to enlarge

In the Dungeon

The first thing you must do to get to the Armadyl boss is get a high Armadyl killcount. Just go in to Armadyl's eyrie and kill Avansies for your kill count. I normally kill them by the entrance of Armadyl's Eyrie just because it is convenient, but anywhere in it is ok. Use prayer to kill aviansies.

GWD map

Boss Hunting with a Duo

Pros: More lootshare points or splits
Cons: Can't stay as long, easy to get crashed.

Use Protect from Range, Protect Item, and Hawk Eye prayers. After you kill the boss, one of you get Wingman Skree (mager) on you, the other Flockleader Geerin (ranger.) Then, pile Glight Kilisa (melee.) After Kilisa is done, kill the one you got on you. If done right you can get 100+ kills. This is my favorite method of killing this boss. Try to find a world with low population around 500 players. Invy for Duo: (In my bolts slot I have Mithril Grapple.) Also, if you are using a fruit bat, replace the scrolls with fruit fall scrolls and the pouches with fruit bat pouches.


Boss Hunting with a Trio

Pros: Long stay, fast kills, can go into a medium population world. Usually not crashed.
Cons: smaller splits

Use Protect from Range and Protect Item prayers. After killing kree, each of you kill a minion. Note you can get near 150 KC with this setup. I recommend that you go into a world with about 1000-1300 people in it. Here is the inventory for trioing with a Tort:

Unicorn inventory

Here is the inventory for trioing with just a unicorn (Do not try this with a fruit bat). If you are using a fruit bat once again, replace the scrolls with fruit fall scrolls, and replace the unicorn pouches with fruit bat pouches.


  • Invest the time in completing the Seers' Diary. The Enhanced Excalibur really worth it.
  • Don't use a divine spirit shield unless your Duoing or Soloing.
  • Never add a Combat level to recruit for a team. I'm 116 CB and I've outlasted 130+'s with yaks before.
  • Switch from ruby bolts to diamond bolts when Kree has 2/3-1/2 of its health left.
  • While in the boss room, death dot down the second set of icicles then go down 4 or 5 squares.
Unicorn inventory


Q: Don't I need a saradomin item?
A: -No, you'll only be in an area where saradomin monsters can attack you for ~10 seconds. Use the map to see what to pray when. It also wastes a space.
Q: Why should I do this?
A: -Hopefully to get an Armadyl Hilt, worth over 100 million GP and one of the most valuable drops in RuneScape
Unicorn inventory
Good luck, and happy hunting!
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