Al-Kharid Warriors for Training/Profit
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Guide Contents
I. Info
II. Required/Suggested Skill Levels
III. What to Bring & Wear
IV. Getting to Al Kharid
V. Training Techniques
VI. Drops and Profit
VII. Credits


Ak-Kharid warriors are level 9 NPCs found in the palace in Al-Kharid. These are some of the first adversaries met by new players, but can provide great experience and profit to medium-level players looking to gain easy levels and profit at the same time. Also, unknown to many players, members can make up to 350K an hour trining here by collecting the valuable herbs often dropped by Al-Kharid guards on member's worlds.

Al Kharid Warrior

Required/Suggested Skill Levels

If you want to easily kill Al-Kharid warriors, you should have levels of at least 20 for all of your combat stats. Because multiple Al-Kharid guards will attack you at once, low level pures (players with low defence) will find it necessary to bring more food and supplies then regular players when fighting Al-Kharid guards.

If you are just starting out, try to gain at least the minimum required levels before training at the Al-Kharid guards - in force, they can prove lethal to low level players. Players level 30 and up will have very little trouble training here for extended periods of time.

What to Wear & Bring

No special equipment is needed to fight Al-Kharid guards. Bring the best armor and weapons you can wield, and remember that Al-Kharid guards are most vulnerable to crush-style attacks (finally a use for your rune warhammer!). Some players bring a secondary weapon with a high max hit or special attack to make training more interesting, such as a dragon dagger or a rune 2H.

The higher level you are, the less food you will need to bring along. Because Al-Kharid warriors have a max hit of three, food with multiple bites (like chocolate cake and pizzas) is usually your best bet to conserve inventory space. Poorer players can make use of the nearby Kebab shop, where you can load up on relatively high-healing Kebabs for only 1gp apiece.

Getting to the Al Kharid warriors

Al Kharid

The Al Kharid warriors can be found on the ground floor of the Al Kharid palace, located right next door to Lumbridge. A bank is conveniently located right next to the palace for easy restocking, and a man in the small house north of the bank sells Kebabs for 1gp apiece (you can use the coins you get from killing the guards to get unlimited food!).

Other attractions in this area include the startpoints for several quests, a smelting furnace, and the nearby leather tanner, used by many players to earn money tanning cowhides.

Training Techniques

Al-Kharid guards are unique in that, when you attack one, any other guards within eyesight will come to his defence with a cry of "Brother, let me help you with this infidel!". It isn't uncommon to have as many as three or four guards fighting you at one time. While this poses a danger to lower leveled players, high level players can use this to their advantage - attack as many guards as possible, then sit back and let your character take care of them all for you.

For low leveled rangers and mages, the obstacles in the room can be used to safely shoot the guards. Often, you can also attack a guard who is attacking another player without danger of being attacked. All players should bring the best armor possible and remember that Al-Kharid guards are most vulnerable to "crush" style attacks.

Drops and Profit

On members worlds, Al-Kharid guards drop a wealth of valuable grimy herbs, by far the most sought-after drops. High-level members can easily kill dozens of guards and collect inventories full of herbs in a very short time, earning up to 350K per hour. In addition to herbs, members may also find a level-1 clue scroll.

Unfortunately, the guards on free worlds have less to offer. They will drop low-level items such as several runes (up to chaos), 1-25 coins, ore, fishing bait, and iron weapons and armor. While newer players will find these rewards sufficient, more experienced players who are looking for profit as well as training should look elsewhere. Despite the low-level drops, the Al-Kharid guards remain popular on free worlds because of the ease of training and proximity to a bank.

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